Stress management (BTC)

Managing your stress and finding your internal motivation

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Everybody knows how tiring and testing stress can be. Often, it can prove quite a challenge to take back control, channel negative input or get yourself motivated again. But if you can find a way to recognise what triggers you or be mindful to times when stress might rear its head, you’ll find it a lot easier to hold your ground.

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These sessions aim at providing you with the proper tools to deal with your stress in a durable way and will offer strategies to help you stay focused and motivated, even at particularly stressful times.

After these sessions you will be able to more aptly reduce your own stress levels and be more aware of possible triggers. Maintaining a satisfactory work-life balance will become second nature to you.

There are no special prerequisites for joining these sessions. The session language is English, unless all participants speak Dutch.



  • 14/04/2016
  • 21/04/2016
  • 28/04/2016

Total hours: 9

Hours: 9am - 12am

Max. participants: 12

Bring your own laptop!




Session 1: If you can spot it, you can prevent it

  • When do I feel stressful? What triggers me?
  • What key indicators do I have to be mindful for?
  • How to turn around impending stress

Session 2: Internal and external triggers. How to deal with them.

  • The role of proper time management in stress-relief
  • What does ‘being mindful’ entail?
  • Dare to delegate. Dare to say no. Dare to take a stand
  • How not to let stress rub off on you
  • Provide stability in areas you can control

Session 3: Finding that sweet spot of self-control and self-motivation

  • Situating your goals in a bigger perspective
  • Distinguishing between self-control and self-triggering
  • Strategies for staying motivated throughout the week


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