Pitching your ideas (BTC)

How to move, inspire and convince in a short amount of time

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How do you go about writing and preparing a pitch? Even if you’ve done presentations before, you will find that speaking your mind convincingly and clearly in a relatively short amount of time, is not an easy task to accomplish. And even if you have got all you want to say plotted out, will you say it with conviction? Will your voice, volume , timbre and body language support the conviction you try to convey?

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This training touches upon the three main constituents of a memorable pitch: posture, dynamic use of voice and engaging content. After these sessions, you will be able to convince, motivate, inform or captivate like no other.

There are no special prerequisites for joining these sessions.

The session language is English, unless all participants speak Dutch.



  • 10/05/2016
  • 17/05/2016
  • 24/05/2016
  • 31/05/2016

Total hours: 12

Hours: 9am - 12am

Max. participants: 12

Bring your own laptop!




Session 1: Good posture and a voice that carries

  • To what extent does my body posture influence my message?
  • How do people contradict themselves with their posture?
  • The discrepancy between comfortable for you and comfortable for your audience.
  • What does mirroring mean and how can it serve you?

Session 2: Using your vocals to support you message, adjusting pitch and timbre

  • Do I use my voice the way I ought to? What is the natural sound of my voice?
  • How do proper timbre, volume and pause effect my pitch? Can I make my voice carry?
  • How do I take nerves into account when speaking?
  • What is too fast or too slow?

Session 3: Language and content

  • How much info is too much? What does it mean to speak in benefits, not specifications?
  • How do I structure my thoughts? Is there an ‘opening’ to a pitch?
  • Do you ‘write’ a pitch? How do you prepare it anyway?
  • Why pitch when you can present? In what way does my pitch influence the outcome?

Session 4: Pitch roulette

  • Delivery Day! Deliver a pitch, following everything you’ve learned, to your group members.Afterwards you’ll receive personal feedback and strategies to improve yourself.


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